PATD - Standards

The PATD standards are available in German and English. The current German version published on the Internet ( is valid. The standards are downloadable on the site.


PATD standards for certifications from 03/31/2023.

English Standards
PDF-Dokument [677.1 KB]

For certifications before March 31, 2023, the old standards 2022 apply, you can find them here.

English Standards
PDF-Dokument [600.3 KB]

Standard Update



  • New gas limit Cave  Diver 3 and Mine Diver 2. 

    (1/4 of bottom gas in team of 2, 1/3 of bottom gas in team of 3)

  • New description Tech Diver 1 and Tech Diver 2  with depth and gas limit. 

    (Tech 1 MOD 51m Trimix up to 18/45, Tech 2 MOD 75m Trimix up to 15/55) 

  • New description PSCR Diver 1 and PSCR Diver 2 with depth and gas limit. 

    (PSCR 1 MOD 60m Trimix up to 18/45, PSCR 2 no depth and gas limit) 


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